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Sarah Schrank

Professor of History
California State University Long Beach

Sarah Schrank is Professor of History at California State University, Long Beach where she teaches courses in United States urban history, women's history, body studies, and public art. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and her Master's and PhD from the University of California, San Diego. She serves on the editorial board of Public Art Dialogue and is currently completing a book about nudism and natural living in modern urban environments.


In addition to Healing Spaces, Modern Architecture, and the Body, co-edited with Didem Ekici, she has published Art and the City: Civic Imagination and Cultural Authority in Los Angeles (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009) along with many articles and essays on the topics of public art, urban history, American body culture, yoga, and vernacular architecture. She has held research and writing fellowships from Princeton University, The Huntington, the Haynes Foundation, and the Wolfsonian-Florida International University and has also served as Associate Editor of American Quarterly and Book Review Editor of Southern California Quarterly.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Modern United States urban and cultural history, women's history, body theory, public art


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Healing Spaces, Modern Architecture and the Body - 1st Edition book cover


American Studies

American Body: Fitness and the Commodification of Exercise

Published: Jun 08, 2015 by American Studies
Authors: Sarah Schrank

A review essay and contextualization of the American fitness industry in the twentieth century.

American Studies

American Yoga: The Shaping of Modern Body Culture in the United States

Published: Mar 08, 2014 by American Studies
Authors: Sarah Schrank

A review essay of seven recent works on American yoga practice, culture, and the transmutation of yoga from India to North America.

Journal of Urban History

Under a Golden Sun: The Cultural Politics and Industrial Development of Southern

Published: Aug 08, 2013 by Journal of Urban History
Authors: Sarah Schrank

A review essay of major works on the history of Southern California's economic and cultural growth in the twentieth century.

Journal of Social History

Public Art at the Global Crossroads

Published: Jan 01, 2010 by Journal of Social History
Authors: Sarah Schrank

A study of three major artists in 1930s Los Angeles: David Siqueiros, Myer Shaffer, and Sabato Rodia, and their relationship to the meaning of place and the politics of geography.

Journal of Planning History

Modern Urban Planning and the Civic Imagination: Historiographical Perspectives

Published: Aug 08, 2008 by Journal of Planning History
Authors: Sarah Schrank

A review essay of eight major works in the field of modern Los Angeles history.

American Quarterly

The Art of the City: Modernism, Censorship, and the Emergence of Los Angeles's

Published: Sep 08, 2004 by American Quarterly
Authors: Sarah Schrank

An examination of the rise of Los Angeles's public and commercial art scenes in the wake of World War II, focusing on the municipal censorship and surveillance of modern art in public art exhibitions and in private galleries in Venice Beach and on La Cienega Boulevard, the heart of the Los Angeles art world in the early 1960s.