Pierre Bélanger is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director of the Urbanism, Landscape, and Ecology Area of the Master in Design Studies Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. As part of the Department of Landscape Architecture and the Advanced Studies Program, Bélanger teaches and coordinates graduate courses on the convergence of ecology, infrastructure, and urbanism in the interrelated fields of design, planning, and engineering. Dr. Bélanger is author of the 35th edition of the Pamphlet Architecture Series from Princeton Architectural Press, titled GOING LIVE: from States to Systems (pa35.net), Co-Editor with Jennifer Sigler of the 39th issue of Harvard Design Magazine, titled WET MATTER, author of LANDSCAPE AS INFRASTRUCTURE, and co-author with Alexander Arroyo of ECOLOGIES OF POWER: Countermapping the Logistical Landscapes & Military Geographies of the U.S. Department of Defense. As a landscape architect and urbanist, he is the recipient of the 2008 Canada Prix de Rome in Architecture, as well as appointed as the Curator for the Canada Pavilion and Exhibition EXTRACTION (www.extraction.ca @1partperbillion) at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. In collaboration with ecologist and urban planner Nina-Marie Lister, he is currently completing a manuscript titled EXTRACTION EMPIRE for MIT Press, profiling the scales, states, spaces, and systems of Canada as the largest extraction nation on the planet.
PhD, Wageningen University (The Netherlands, 2013)
MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design (United States, 2000)
BLA, University of Toronto (Canada, 1996)
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Land, Law, Landscape, Life, Infrastructure, Urbanism, Extraction, Geography, Territory, Water, Rights
Personal Interests
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