Mr. DiZazzo is a writer, corporate media producer, speaker and teacher.  Over the past thirty-five years he has written articles, books and screenplays, and developed training and media programs for businesses. His work has garnered numerous awards, including the first Los Angeles area Emmy in the Educational category. His four-book, Corporate Media Production series has been used in colleges and universities internationally, for over a decade.

He takes great pride in being versatile as a writer and exploring various styles and genre of written and visual communication. He also draws great personal satisfaction from knowing that he has been able to help his readers view their lives, jobs and the world around them in new exciting ways.
AA Orange Coast College
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Mr. DiZazzo has spent a great deal of time studying and writing about media and personal communication.  His first communication book, THE CLARITY FACTOR, has been translated into six languages and his more recent book, US AND THEM?  CALL IN FRANK, DICK AND JANE! is aimed at senior business managers helping them eliminate the management vs.frontline worker communication gap.  He also explores communication from another perspective -- poetry.  He has written 3 books of poetry, published work in numerous journals and won several wards.
Personal Interests
Astronomy is a personal interest and what he calls, "A great way to escape the hassles of daily life".