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Jason Mazanov

Dr Jason Mazanov has been actively researching the policy and management of drugs in sport for over a decade. A strong advocate of drug control for sport, Dr Mazanov's expertise and insights have been the basis for over 125 appearances in the Australian and international media. Dr Mazanov is Founding Editor of the peer-review journal Performance Enhancement and Health.


I began my academic career in health psychology, examining which mathematical model best explained observed changes in adolescent smoking.  As I transitioned from student to academic, I was offered the opportunity to work with the then Australian Sports Drug Agency to build a community of social scientists with expertise in the field of "drugs in sport".  This began my engagement with the question of drug control policy in sport and transition from specialising in health psychology to exploring the issue using the breadth and depth of social science.  

Unlike many researchers in the space, my interest is in the drug control policy rather than sport.  This detachment from sport has seen me take the position that some form of drug control is essential for sport, but that second generation policy is needed rather than the anti-doping policy.  As a consequence, much of my work has been exploring what second generation drug control policy for sport might be.  

In pursuing the question of performance enhancement in sport, I became interested in the role of performance enhancement in society more generally, and its implications for health, broadly defined in terms of physical, mental, social and spiritual.  This led to the founding of the peer-review journal Performance Enhancement and Health.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Doping in Sport
    Doping in Society
    Drug Control Policy
    Harm Reduction
    Performance Enhancement


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