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Peter Chirinos, MA LPC NCC DCC ACS

Author, CEO
Capital Counseling Services, LLC

Hello and thank you for reading my Featured Author profile. If you’ve read my book “Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist”, I hope you’ve gained knowledge and insight and have grown personally and professionally as a result. I am the president and CEO of Capital Counseling Services, LLC, where I provide general psychotherapy services as well as professional coaching, training and expert consultations in the area of sex, intimacy, and alternative sexualities.


There are several reasons why I co-authored this book. Progressively throughout my professional career I have come to realize that psychotherapists of varied levels of experience have difficulty speaking what must be spoken caught in the socio-political culture of our era. Social and cultural expectations have conflated with economics to confine what we can do; instead of dealing with complexity we are encouraged to simplify, instead of questioning social cultural norms, by our actions we reinforce them.  Even more disturbing was therapists’ inability to not only 'hold space' for but inability to facilitate productive dialogue about unspoken taboos.  One such taboo is sex, in general, but more specifically atypical sexuality in the form for BDSM and non-egalitarian relationships.  In the post-modern western world, alternative sexualities as well as male sexuality continue to be misunderstood and demonized.  I co-authored "Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist" along with Caroline Shahbaz because we recognized the need to call attention to what goes unspoken: unquestioned and ill-conceived clinical practice based largely on personal bias which leads to pathologizing and othering; we decided to focus on BDSM for our first book.  In writing this book, we hope to give voice to a marginalized community and by doing so, correct reactive biases in psychotherapeutic communities and enable validation through understandings and values clarification.

My professional experience in the field of behavioral health began in 1993.  I am a graduate of Gallaudet University, class of 1999. I’ve worked administratively and clinically in varied capacities, ranging from private clinical practice, community-based services agencies, in-patient and out-patient drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and emergency medical services response teams in a level one trauma emergency department. As the president and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Counseling Services, LLC I provide professional coaching and general psychotherapy services, as well as clinical treatment, training and expert consultations in the specialty areas of sex, intimacy and alternative sexualities. Online coaching and counseling services are provided utilizing state of the art web-based technology, while in-person, office-based services are provided in Arlington, Virginia. I identify as a bisexual cisgender male, living in a mixed-orientation marriage that is consensually and ethically non-monogamous.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professional areas of research and expertise include alternative sexualities, discordant/mixed orientation relationships and related socio-cultural political dynamics of sexual minority identities. More specifically, Peter's professional interests encompass the study and understanding of complexities related to biphobia, masculine sexualities and identities.

Personal Interests

    Peter enjoys the serenity of a crisp autumn countryside and the beauty of the natural world around him. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking and camping alone and with friends. As a yoga practitioner and perpetual student of authenticity and mindfulness he strives to expand his understanding of spirituality and practice through exercising curiosity of various cultures and non-mainstream perspectives.

    He enjoys wine, gourmet pastries and coffee.  Peter's self proclaimed superpower is eating.



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