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Gloria Kirwan

Senior Lecturer
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Gloria Kirwan is a Senior Lecturer in the Graduate School of Healthcare Management in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She is an academic with a range of research interests and she is also a registered social worker. She has previously worked in practice in the fields of adult mental health, community development and also child welfare. Her current work focuses on understanding the implications of digitalisation of society.


    MSc in Applied Social Research
    PG Cert in Higher Education Teaching & Assessment
    LLB (Hons)
    BSS (Hons)


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Social Work in Digital Societies

The History of Social Work and Technology

Published: Dec 16, 2021 by Social Work in Digital Societies
Authors: Gloria Kirwan & Julie Byrne
Subjects: Social Work


Current Sociology

Superdiversity re-imagined: applying superdiversity theory to research beyond migration studies

Published: Mar 01, 2021 by Current Sociology
Authors: Gloria Kirwan

The core tenets of superdiversity theory can address epistemological questions in relation to issues beyond the parameters of migration studies.

 Social Work Education

COVID-19 Impact on Social Work Admissions and Education in Seven International Universities

Published: Oct 16, 2020 by Social Work Education
Authors: Paula McFadden, Pia Tham, Erica Russ, Paul Blakeman, Astrid Baugerud Gunn, Sanna Lähteinen, Janet Anand Carter, Gloria K
Subjects: Education, Social Work

This paper aims to provide an examination of different levels of impact that COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ had on ‘admissions to social work’ processes and on education, using examples from universities in Australia, England, Finland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Ireland and Sweden.


El sentido de comunidad en la adaptación de los inmigrantes latinoamericanos

Published: Mar 11, 2020 by Comunitania
Authors: M Millán-Franco, L Gómez-Jacinto, MI Hombrados-Mendieta, G Kirwan

The influence of the sense of community on biopsychosocial adaptation of Latin Americans living in the city of Malaga, Spain

Social Work Education

Social work students on the island of Ireland: a cross-sectional survey

Published: Mar 10, 2020 by Social Work Education
Authors: McCartan, et al
Subjects: Social Work

This study reports on an all-Ireland survey of students


Addressing Barriers to Health Care Access for Roma: A Community Development Appr

Published: Oct 17, 2016 by Administration
Authors: Gloria Kirwan & Deirdre Jacob
Subjects: Sociology & Social Policy, Health and Social Care

The Roma community in Europe has experienced persistent marginalisation and disadvantage over many generations with Roma regularly experiencing problems of access to healthcare, accommodation, education and employment within the European context. This article aims to illuminate some of the challenges faced by Roma in Ireland and it explores how community development strategies can support Roma to highlight need and mobilise change in service provision.

Children & Youth Services Review

Keyworking in residential child care: Lessons from research

Published: Apr 19, 2016 by Children & Youth Services Review
Authors: Orla Cahill, Stephanie Holt & Gloria Kirwan
Subjects: Developmental Psychology, Family Studies, Health and Social Care

This paper presents selectively on the findings of two separate but related qualitative Irish studies exploring relationship-based approaches in residential child care practice. The findings are integrated with the wider literature on young people leaving care, with the aim of identifying core knowledge that is needed by service providers who are tasked with the support of young people making the transition out of care and towards independent living.

Social Work & Social Sciences Review

In safe hands: Empowering young people with disabilities who receive assistance

Published: Oct 20, 2015 by Social Work & Social Sciences Review
Authors: Patricia Muldoon & Gloria Kirwan
Subjects: Health and Social Care

Drawing on the findings of a study by Muldoon (2012), we explore the application of empowerment concepts into the working relationships that social workers develop with young people who require daily assistance with intimate personal care. Through this exploration we draw attention to the importance of understanding empowerment as a micro-level as well as the more often discussed macro-level action in social work.

British Journal of Social Work

Taking Care: Criticality and Reflexivity in the Context of Social Work Registrat

Published: Feb 16, 2015 by British Journal of Social Work
Authors: Gloria Kirwan & Brian Melaugh
Subjects: Health and Social Care

Prompted by the introduction of statutory social work registration into the Republic of Ireland, the authors consider the assumptions that attach to regulation, including the promise of greater public protection vis-a-vis the management of misconduct issues by social work regulators. They ponder the paradoxical implications for the future of social work if social work fails to theorise and critically reflect on the prevention, interpretation and management of professional misconduct.

R. Sheehan & J. Ogloff (Eds), Working in the Forensic Paradigm: Cross-discipline approaches for policy and practice

Risk Management (chapter)

Published: Dec 11, 2014 by R. Sheehan & J. Ogloff (Eds), Working in the Forensic Paradigm: Cross-discipline approaches for policy and practice
Authors: Gloria Kirwan

This chapter considers how risk management is theorised, operationalized and problematized within forensic services. An absence of shared understanding of risk management can lead to fragmentation and conflict in interdisciplinary or interagency contexts. This chapter explores a range of potential configurations of risk management, and discusses their respective implications.


Recent Article

By: Gloria Kirwan

'Superdiversity re-imagined: applying superdiversity theory to research beyond migration studies' - article published in Current Sociology (2021)