Debra  Costley Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Debra Costley

National Director, Aspect Practice
Autism Spectrum Australia

I have spent thirty years working in education and research and am passionate about the power of learning and education to change lives. I believe strongly in the importance of evidence informed practice, particularly in the support of people with special needs.


I am a multi-skilled senior academic executive with a strong background in strategic planning, research, evaluation, consulting, development, delivery and management in education and disability. This is coupled with experience in strategic development and an ability to bring an idea to fruition, manage implementation and lead a team to success. I am valued for my exceptional organisational skills and professionalism with a commitment to achieving high standards and quality whilst responding to changing market needs.  Extensive teaching experience in schools, further and higher education is backed by commercial experience and considerable research knowledge and skills. I have successful experience in dealing with senior level representatives from educational, governmental and commercial institutions in the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Specialist in Special Educational Needs, Inclusive Education, Learning Styles, Lifelong Learning, Education/Social Policy, Research and Evaluation Methodology and Methods, Further Education, Vocational and Work-based Education, and Work related Learning.

Personal Interests

    Interior design; Australian Aboriginal art; antique boxes