Ruth Conroy Dalton Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ruth Conroy Dalton

The University of Northumbria at Newcastle

I am a licensed architect, and have worked for Foster and Partners (London) and Sheppard Robson Corgan Architects (London). Key projects upon which I have worked include the Carré d’Art de Nîmes, in France and the Palaçio de Congresos in Valencia, Spain. I have taught at the Architectural Association, London, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, before moving to the University of Northumbria at Newcastle in 2010.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research interests are centred around the relationship between the spatial layout of buildings and environments and their effect on how people understand and interact in those spaces. I am also an expert in space syntax analysis and am interested in the use of virtual environments as a method for researching human factors in the built environment.



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 Featured Title - Interdisciplinary Approaches to Architectural Research - 1st Edition book cover


Seattle Public Library Space Syntax Analysis

Published: Nov 01, 2016

A Space Syntax Analysis of Seattle Public Library conducted as part of an invited talk at the 2011 International Space Syntax Symposium. Author Professor Ruth Conroy Dalton using Depthmap Software (Alasdair Turner, UCL.

OMA's Design Process and the User

Published: Nov 01, 2016

This short video is part of a large study on Seattle Public Library, in which we examine OMA's design proces and how they took the needs of the libraries end users into consideration.

People Watcher (formerly iPfad) iPad App

Published: Nov 01, 2016

People Watcher (formerly known as iPfad) is an app for the iPad for real time data-logging, intended for use by researchers examining spatial behaviour in complex environments. It has been jointly developed by academics at The Open University, Northumbria University and the University of Freiburg.

Sea Hero Question (mobile game)

Published: Nov 01, 2016

I was recently part of a great team of scientists, led by UCL and UEA, designing a game to test people's navigational ability - the game was called Sea Hero Quest.

Space syntax concepts demonstrated

Published: Nov 01, 2016

An except from a lecture on space syntax, showing in a very visual, 'hands on' manner, one of the main principles underpinning space syntax analysis.

Navigating the Complex Urban Environment

Published: Nov 01, 2016

Interview with Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority: Professor Christoph Holscher from ETH Zurich and Ruth Dalton from Northumbria University explore innovative ways of measuring user experience and behaviour in the built and unbuilt environment to support planning and urban design. They also share how to design well configured spatial environments.

Virtual Reality Navigation experiment

Published: Nov 01, 2016

This is a short video of a set of virtual reality navigation experiments that took place in the virtual reality CAVE facility at UCL.