Sonia  Gojman-De-Millan Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sonia Gojman-De-Millan

Vice-President and Head of Research at SEMSOAC EC member of RIA
Seminario de Sociopsicoanalisis SEMSOAC and Iberoamerican Attachment NertworkRIA

Combines her experience as clinician –a Didactic and Supervising Analyst- and researcher at Seminario de Sociopsicoanalisis A.C. SEMSOAC. She was former Secretary General of the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS), is a certified Trainer on the AAI (from Berkeley, California). She directs the 17 years Longitudinal Attachment Research project of Mexican Indian Dyads and their Social Character.


Sonia Gojman-de-Millán PhD combines her experience as a clinician and a researcher at Seminario de Sociopsicoanalisis A.C. Semsoac, recognized for excellence by the Mexican National Registry of Research Institutions. She was Secretary General of the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS), is a Training/didactic and Supervising Analyst at Semsoac, conducted a 17 years longitudinal attachment research project in both Indian-rural and mestizo-urban mother-infant dyads that has been published in Attachment and Human Development. She is a Spanish and English Adult Attachment Interview AAI          trainer, certified at the University of California, Berkeley. Active Social Character Researcher in various participant action community and inter-cultural projects since 1974. Member of the Social Character International Network, of the Ibero-american attachment network (RIA). Dr Gojman-de-Millán was formerly a clinical professor and head of the Social Psychology Department of the Mexican National University (UNAM).
Dr. Gojman was a candidate training on Psychoanalysis at the graduates department of the Medicine Faculty of the National University of Mexico UNAM in the last class in which Erich Fromm taught and she attended with him to the clinical Seminars that Fromm was conducting in Cuernavaca Morelos.
The Seminario de Socio-psychoanalysis A.C. SEMSOAC was distinguished with the Erich Fromm Prize for the Community Activity Action projects in Mexico.
Coauthoring in: Village Women Their Changing Lives and Fertility. Studies in Kenya, México and the Philippines", Priscilla Reining, et al American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington D.C., U.S.A. 1977, A Prophetic Analyst, Erich Fromm's Contributions to Psychoanalysis, Cortina and Maccoby, Eds; Attachment Theory and the Psychoanalytic Process Cortina and Marrone. Eds; Clinical Applications of the Adult Attachment Interview Steele and Steele Eds,
Coeditor of several books in Spanish: Erich Fromm y el Psicoanálisis Humanista Salvador Millán & Sonia Gojman de Millán Eds. Siglo XXI editores, México, 1981; El Agujero de las Sorpresas, diálogo entrañable. Psicoanálisis del Cuento Infantil Salvador Millán & Sonia Gojman de Millán Eds, and Los Animales, Personajes en el Mundo de los Niños, UPN , México 1997.
Articles: A Sociopsychoanalytic Intervention Process in a Mexican Mining Village in Wissenschaft Vom Menschen. Science of Man Band 3, 1992. Yearbook of the International Erich Fromm Society. Hamburg Germany, 1992; A Socioeconomic Dimension of the Therapeutic Relation, IFP, Scandinavian University Press Vol 6 #4 1997, Pages: 241-249. Oslo Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oxford Boston; The Legacy of Fromm in Mexico, IFP. Taylor & Francis. Vol 9, 2000. Pages: 207-215. Oslo Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oxford Boston; Attachment  Patterns and Social Character in a Nahuatl Village. Socialization processes through social character Interviews and Videotaped Attachment, current Methodology coauthored with Salvador Millán. FrommForum. IEFS.  Vol 5, 2001, pages 38-42. Tübingen, Germany; “Identity in the Asphalt Jungle. A Study of Mexican Youngsters Who Work in the Streets”. IFP, Scandinavian University Press Vol 13 # 4. BrunnerRoutledge Taylor and Francis Health Sciences. Oslo Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oxford Boston; Fundamentos Biológicos y Sociales del Desarrollo Emocional. Revista Norte de salud mental (www.ome-aen. org/norte. htm); The History of the International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS) in Latina American. Fromm Forum. IEFS Vol 13, 2009. Pags 44-50.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Attachment and Social Character Across diverse Cultural contexts: Nahuatl and Mestizo Mother/infant  Dyads


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