Ian  Robertson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ian Robertson

University of Bedfordshire

Ian Robertson is a writer and researcher affiliated to the University of Bedfordshire and was head of Psychology there from 2003 until 2014. He has taught and conducted research in problem solving with a particular interest in how people use examples to solve problems. This has included how students use the structure of textbook sources when solving problems or writing essays and the problem solving involved in completing module evaluation questionnaires.


Ian Robertson, BA, PhD, C.Psych, C.Sci, FHEA, AFBPS started his professional life as a French teacher eventually becoming Head of a Modern Languages department. After completing a degree with the Open University followed by a PhD and Research Fellowship there, he became a lecturer and eventually head of Psychology at what is now the University of Bedfordshire.
His teaching and research have been on the cognitive psychology of problem solving. His previous books on problem solving  and on aspects of thinking were an attempt to bridge the gap between the discussion of human problem solving and thinking that appear in undergraduate textbooks on cognitive psychology and the more advanced edited books and monographs on the subject which are often aimed at a postgraduate academic market.
The current second edition of Problem Solving is an extensive updating of the first edition with new sections on the history of research in problem solving, creative problem solving and the neuroscience of problem solving.


    MA, Glasgow University, 1973
    BA, Open University, UK, 1990
    PhD, Open University, 1994

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Cognitive Psychology
    Analogical and textbook problem solving

Personal Interests

    Currently learning Japanese, albeit slowly


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