Hanya  Pielichaty Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Hanya Pielichaty

Senior Lecturer
University of Lincoln

I joined the University of Lincoln in 2011 and teach across both the undergraduate and postgraduate Events Management programmes. In 2013 I became the Programme Leader for BSc (hons) Events Management and during that time projected the course to high rankings in the National Student Survey. Before joining the University of Lincoln I worked as a practitioner for the Youth Sport Trust and Lincolnshire Sport in connectivity to sports events and developing community provision.


I have been with the University of Lincoln for five years and have taught across many different modules in connection to Events Management and International Tourism Management. Modules I have coordinated include Project Management for Events, Event Management, Business of Event Management, Sponsorship and Corporate Hospitality, Consumer Culture and Understanding the Visitor Experience. In 2016 I received the Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellence for my dedication to student engaged learning through digital technologies.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My research interests are varied and range from project management of events to the sociology of event and festival spaces. My PhD thesis builds upon my MSc in Sport and Recreation Management and investigates gender identity and football in connectivity to family relationships. I have professional experience working with the Youth Sport Trust as a Competition Manager and as Lincolnshire Sport as a Sports Manager.

Personal Interests

    In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching sport, dining out, supporting Huddersfield Town FC and spending time with family and friends.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Events Project Management - Pielichaty et al - 1st Edition book cover


International Journal of Event and Festival Management

Festival space: gender, liminality and the carnivalesque

Published: Aug 01, 2015 by International Journal of Event and Festival Management
Authors: Pielichaty, H
Subjects: Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Contemporary outdoor rock and popular music festivals offer liminoidal spaces in which event participants can experience characteristics associated with the carnivalesque. Festival goers celebrate with abandonment, excess and enjoy a break from the mundane routine of everyday life. It is suggested that liminal zones offer space to invert social norms and behave with abandonment and freedom away from the constraints of the everyday but neither women nor men actually take up this opportunity.

Soccer and Society

‘It’s like equality now; it’s not as if it’s the old days’

Published: Feb 05, 2014 by Soccer and Society
Authors: Pielichaty, H
Subjects: Gender & Sexuality, Sports and Leisure

This article explores the influence participating in football has on the development of adolescent girls’ gender identity, an area which currently lacks academic attention. The girls within this study were aware of the normative gender expectations linked to ‘being a female’ but did not find this restrictive. The girls moved between many changing identities and organized their ‘web of selves’ accordingly.



Vice Chancellor Teaching Award

By: Hanya Pielichaty

Hanya ahieved the Vice Chancellor Teaching Award for Excellence in 2016 in relation to her work with the Digital Student Ambassador Group which she founded. Hanya engaged students, staff and practitioners to come together and attend workshops and talks in relation to digital technologies and learning.