I have been a teacher, subject leader and consultant since 1999 and now provide support and training to schools and trainee teachers. I completed a PhD in Chemistry in 1995 and spent some time working as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry before making the leap to teaching. I worked as a head of science in a comprehensive school in the UK before being offered a wider role with a local authority; this gave me opportunities to work with children of all ages (I have some teaching experience in all five 'key stages' of the English education system).  I have been running my own business since 2013. Born and raised in Sheffield, I am now based in the English county of Cheshire, where I live with my wife and two children.
BSc Hons in Chemistry, University of East Anglia, 1991
PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of York, 1995
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
I am a registered trainer in Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities and have a wider expertise in dialogic education. I believe that 'drawing children into dialogues' (about art, history, physics, values, democracy etc.) with a wide range of 'others' is the essential function of education. Much of my work is focused on supporting people to learn through the medium of dialogue and, by engaging in deliberate, reflective practice, to get better at dialogue. My other roles include working as a tutor for trainee teachers with Keele and North Staffordshire Primary SCITT, supporting schools to develop peer-tutoring programmes through the University of the First Age, and supporting schools to gain the Primary Science Quality Mark.
Personal Interests
A swimmer in my youth I am now I a keen runner and am still able to run rings around my boys on the football field (they would, of course, beg to differ!) Raising children has become my main interest in life, although I do still find a little time for my lay-person's interests in art and philosophy.