Ian  Sapiro Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ian Sapiro

University of Leeds

I am a Lecturer in Music specialising in the areas of film music, musical theatre, orchestration and the overlaps between them. I am particularly interested in the processes of film-score production and the creation of musical theatre works, and specifically the role of the orchestrator in these activities.

Subjects: Music

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Film Music (particularly the processes of film-score production)
    Musical Theatre (conducting, musical direction, creative process)
    Orchestration (particularly in film music and musical theatre)
    Adaptation between film and musical theatre

Personal Interests

    Musical Theatre


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Scoring the Score: Sapiro - 1st Edition book cover


Ethnomusicology Forum

Ethnomusicology in the Laboratory: From the Tonometer to the Digital Melograph

Published: Nov 24, 2006 by Ethnomusicology Forum
Authors: David Cooper and Ian Sapiro
Subjects: Music

We explore the historical background to some of the early technologies for automatic transcription, which were developed for or adapted to serve the purposes of the ethnomusicologist. We suggest the software Praat, designed for the analysis and synthesis of speech, has the potential to replace the various custom-fabricated devices labelled melographs, and illustrate some of its capabilities through brief discussion of its application to a song recorded by the north Ulster musician, Joe Holmes.