I am the author of "Paul and Death: A Question in Psychological Coping" (2016). This volume explores how Paul changed his attitudes toward death. I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, and grew up in the western part of Sweden. After getting an education to become a nurse, I spent a few years working in the health-care field, and as a youth leader in a church. I was a volunteer in a school for handicapped children in India, and also begun my theological studies - I guess that I am one of few biblical scholars to have taken a language course in German, in Pakistan! In the second half of the 1990s I completed my bachelor's degree at Stockholm School of Theology, and was also ordained as a pastor in the Covenant Church (now the Uniting church of Sweden).

My biblical studies research and writing has been influenced by the work I have done in psychiatric health care, with refugees in the south of Stockholm, and at hospice, with care for the terminal ill patients. Death and psychological coping have been prevailing themes. Today, I am currently teaching New Testament theology, religious education, the world religions, and religion and health at Ersta-Sköndal-Bräcke University, Stockholm, and I hold a position as theologian in Ängskyrkan, Botkyrka parish, in the Church of Sweden. I count myself privileged as having been given the opportunity to work among the excellent scholars of Åbo Akademi University, Finland, and also at Stockholm School of Theology and the Department of Theology at Uppsala University.
Ph. D., Åbo Akademi University, Finland, 2015
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
The pastoral side of biblical theology has always been interesting to me. What do we make of what we read? In the same vein, translation studies have caught my attention from the start. What do we read? I am interested in the intersection between health and theology, functioning in practice and intellectual perspectives.
Personal Interests
I live with my family in the small community Värmdö in the Stockholm archipelago, spending my spare time reading, exercising, and of course with family and friends. I enjoy building projects and have an interest in agriculture.