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Barbara A Turner

Association for Sandplay Therapt

Barbara Turner, PhD, began her studies of Sandplay therapy with the modality's founder, Dora Kalff, of Switzerland in the 1980's. Following this and many years of clinical application, Dr. Turner has written extensively on how this seemingly simple and largely non-vocal method works to effect significant psychological changes in both children and adults. She now teaches Sandplay to clinicians around the world.


Barbara Turner began her study of Jungian Sandplay therapy with the founder of the method, Dora M. Kalff, in Switzerland in 1988. She has done extensive research into the theory and healing process of Sandplay. She focused her doctoral studies on the Sandplay method, writing her dissertation on methods of understanding Sandplay process.  Dr. Turner was instrumental in returning the classic books in Sandplay to print, and is the author of what is considered by some to be the authoritative text on Jungian Sandplay, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy, now translated into Korean, Chinese, Russian and Italian.  The Handbook is the most read book on Sandplay around the world.  She teaches Sandplay therapy to mental health clinicians internationally, and serves as consultant to practicing Sandplay & play therapists.

Dr. Turner is the founder and President of the Association for Sandplay Therapy – AST, the international professional organization dedicated to maintaining the core principles of Sandplay in our work and teaching – clarity, loving kindness & humility.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Psychic healing and development through symbolic engagement in the therapeutic relationship.  Jungian Sandplay Therapy.

Personal Interests

    Barbara greatly enjoys artwork, particularly sculpture and the fiber arts.  She is a year-round gardener.



 Jungian Sandplay Therapy Almanac, 2013

How Sandplay Impacts Neurology

Published: Dec 07, 2016 by Jungian Sandplay Therapy Almanac, 2013
Authors: Barbara A. Turner

Dr. Turner examines how the Sandplay process moves the underlying neurobiological components of the client's current condition, noting that the neurobiology changes as the client works in the sand tray.

Russian-English Sandplay Therapy Almanac

Work in the body of Mother Earth: Significance of Shaping and Sculpting Sand

Published: Dec 07, 2016 by Russian-English Sandplay Therapy Almanac
Authors: Barbara A. Turner

Dr. Turner examines how work on the sand, using no miniature figures can be a formative remodeling of the personality on a fundamental level.

Journal of Sandplay Therapy

Symbolic Process and the Role of the Therapist in Sandplay

Published: Dec 07, 2016 by Journal of Sandplay Therapy
Authors: Barbara A. Turner

Dr. Turner explores the importance of the therapist's role in bring about psychic change in the client's Sandplay work.

Journal of Sandplay Therapy

Neurobiology and the Sandplay Therapy Process

Published: Aug 01, 2015 by Journal of Sandplay Therapy
Authors: Barbara A. Turner

Dr. Turner takes a new look at changes in the client's neurobiology in the Sandplay process.

Temenos Press, California

The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy

Published: Feb 02, 2005 by Temenos Press, California
Authors: Barbara A. Turner

In this comprehensive, and probing volume, Dr. Turner reviews the entirety of the Jungian Sandplay Therapy process, how it works, how to train and practice Sandplay, analyzing sand trays, and so on. Now the best selling book on Sandplay, the Handbook is now in five languages and is read around the world.