Louise Robson has over 18 years teaching and management experience in Early Years and Key Stage One. She has dedicated her time to improving the quality of provision and the learning experiences of the children she teaches. She believes that the Early Years should be a place of fun, imagination, innovation and problem solving. This is achieved by using a child initiated approach where the children lead the way and plan their own learning. It is this tried and tested approach that has gained consistent Outstanding awards during OFSTED inspections. With comments including "staff make learning absorbing and fun", " staff provide many impressive opportunities for the children to be creative, to develop their language skills and to become confident learners."
She now works alongside Jo Ayers at Early Years Inspiration Consultancy, where they support Early Years settings to improve standards and teaching quality.Together they run training, mentor staff and model their problem solving approach to the EYFS.

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Newman college of higher education. BEd honours English
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Early Years Foundation Stage
Developing writing
Phonic development
Planning from popular culture
Personal Interests
Reading and literacy
Art and creativity
Animals and wildlife
The outdoors