I am the author of "Why Women Rebel: Understanding Women's Participation in Armed Rebel Groups" (2017). This volume explores the contribution of women to armed insurgencies, with a cross-national scope and a particular focus on the post-Cold War period. Using original data, my work shows that women have contributed to the majority of armed insurgencies examined. The book also examines how women contribute to these movements, the impact of women's leadership, and how ideology shapes the roles women play.

My work has previously been published in peer-reviewed outlets including: Journal of Global Security Studies, Journal of Human Security Studies, International Feminist Journal of Politics, and Sexuality and Culture. I have also contributed to The Monkey Cage, the political blog of the Washington Post, as well as Political Violence @ a Glance and Duck of Minerva.
Ph.D., University of Arizona, Tucson AZ (2013)
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
International relations, civil conflict, gender and conflict, sexual violence