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Rob Weatherill

Rob is an analyst in private practice and a supervisory analyst for over three decades. He has written several books and many papers critiquing postmodern 'therapy culture' and the forgetting of Freud. In his most recent work he has been calling attention to contemporary death drive dynamics, nihilism, the 'anti-Oedipal' culture now widespread in the West and the dire consequences for mental health and the social bond.


Rob Weatherill is a practicing and supervisory analyst in Dublin, a member of four psychoanalytic groupings in Ireland (IFPP, APPI, CPI, IPAA) and a founder member of two (APPI and CPI). He has a Master’s degree in psychotherapy from St. Vincent’s University Hospital as well as the European Certificate in Psychotherapy. He has taught psychoanalysis on post-graduate courses at St Vincent’s University College Hospital Dublin for 25years. He also lectured in psychoanalytic psychology in the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology for 15 years and Trinity College, Dublin for 18 years. He currently convenes a peer supervision group (PSG) for experienced analysts. He has written over 60 papers and articles exploring the interface between psychoanalysis and culture, published both here and abroad. Most recently, “Mother and the process of truth”, in Studies in Gender and Sexuality. 13, No2: 112 - 116. June 2012. His most recent book, Forgetting Freud. Is Psychoanalysis in Retreat?  (Academic Press 2012) continues the postmodern critical explorations begun with Cultural Collapse (Free Association Books 1994), continued through two books on the death drive, The Sovereignty of Death (Rebus Press 1998) and The Death Drive. New Life for a Dead Subject (Rebus Press 1999), taken up again in Our Last Great Illusion (Imprint Academic 2004). He contributed a chapter to Living Together Ed. David Kennard and Neil Small (Quartet Books 1997). And most recently, a chapter, “Queer new times”, in Clinical Encounters: Psychoanalytic Practice and Queer Theory. Eds. Punctum Books. Noreen Giffney and Eve Watson, which is forthcoming.


    BSc (Hons) Southampton University. 1968
    Masters in Psychotherapy. St Vincent's University Hospital

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Precarious subjectivities
    Lacanian psychoanalysis
    Postmodernism, Poststructualism, Post-Patriarchal nihilism.
    Psychoanalysis and radical theology.


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