Herman  Koren Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Herman Koren

Professor Emeritus Health and Safety
Indiana State University

Herman Koren HSD, MPH, DLAAS, REHS Prof. Emeritus Health and Safety Editor Routledge “Best Practices for Public Health” Series, Author 20th Book “Best Practices for Environmental Health: Environmental Pollution, Protection, Quality and Sustainability”. Teacher, researcher, innovator, field practitioner, consultant for 61 years in environmental health, pollution, protection, safety, public health, management and supervision.


Herman Koren, HSD, MPH, DLAAS, REHS is Professor Emeritus of Health and Safety, former Coordinator Environmental Health Science Program, which he founded in 1967, former Director Supervision and Management Program I and II for continuing education, which he founded in 1980, former Coordinator Environmental Health Internship Program, which he founded in 1969, at Indiana State University at Terre Haute. He is currently the Editor, Routledge Publishing Company, Taylor and Francis Group for the series “Best Practices in Public Health”. He has been and continues to be an outstanding researcher, teacher, consultant and practitioner and has served with great distinction for the last 60 years in environmental health and public health. He is an active Registered Environmental Health Specialist and has been since he became a Registered Sanitarian in 1963 in Pennsylvania, REHS in 1969 in Indiana, and REHS, National Environmental Health Association in 2010. In addition to his many oral presentations to his colleagues and his numerous articles found in journals he is now completing with this manuscript a series of 20 books including in-depth, updated and vastly expanded new editions of outstanding work which has been recognized nationally and internationally. His “Handbook of Environmental Health-Biological, Chemical, and Physical Agents of Environmentally Related Disease”, volume 1, Fourth Edition, and “Handbook of Environmental Health-Pollutant Interactions in Air, Water, and Soil”, Volume 2, Fourth Edition are recommended to individuals who are seeking to become Registered Environmental Health Specialists. He has also written “Environmental Health and Safety”, two editions of “Illustrated Dictionary of Environmental Health and Occupational Safety”, three editions of two-part series entitled “Management and Supervision for Working Professionals”, and two history books. He has been asked to once again complete a comprehensive, in-depth rewrite of the Handbooks in a Fifth Edition. His field experience is vast. He served as a rural practitioner, large metropolitan area practitioner in Philadelphia, District Environmental Health Supervisor of a 250,000 person district, administrator as Chief of Environmental Health and Safety at Philadelphia General Hospital (a 2000 bed institution), coordinator of the Environmental Health Internship Program at Indiana State University, where he supervised in the field 1100 interns over 25 years in 28 different states and 70 different environmental health programs in government and industry, and has given thousands of hours without pay to numerous health departments and hospitals in all areas of the environment plus hospital infection control problems for many years.
He is an extremely innovative thinker. He has developed new program concepts, new programs, tools of evaluation and continuing education for working professionals, which have been utilized by many others in the field, throughout his career, while involving many different types of stakeholders outside of the field of environmental health science. Some of his innovative thinking includes: Community Home Accident Control Program; Community Rodent Control Program; special self inspection programs for hospital housekeeping department, food service department, laundry department, physical plant and maintenance, medical and nursing departments including surgical suites for hospital infection control; Environmental Health Professional Competencies; Environmental Health Internship Program; Supervision and Management of People; 10 week high school environmental health program; and now Best Practices and Resources in Environmental Health Programs; etc.
He has been recognized by his peers many times over his career. Some examples include:

In April 2012, Dr. Herman Koren received the distinct honor of being selected by his peers for the extremely distinguished recognition as a DIPLOMATE LAUREATE of the American Academy of Sanitarians. "The attainment of this honor is based upon the demonstration of outstanding knowledge, skills and abilities and distinguished competence in their professional field." He is only the seventh person to have ever been so honored.


In June, 2005, Dr. Herman Koren received the highest honor in environmental health in the United States and globally, when he became the recipient of the 2005 Walter S. Mangold Award for a lifetime dedicated to environmental health practice at the field, supervisory, and administrative level, research, teaching and public service. “He has left a true mark upon the United States and the world from the more than five hundred environmental health professionals he graduated from the accredited Indiana State University program, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science degree plus seven months of professional field experience served in two different types of Environmental Health Internships. He was the founder of the modern environmental health internship concept in 1969. He was the founder of the Student National Environmental Health Association and the alpha chapter at Indiana State University. He has been a mentor to thousands of young people, who went on to highly successful careers in environmental health, occupational health and public health at the governmental level and in private industry”. (Walter S Mangold Award Presentation) Subsequently he served as the chairperson of the Mangold Awards Committee for a two-year period and rewrote both manuals that are used by applicants and the committee to determine the next Mangold award recipient.

Presidential Citations from the National Environmental Health Association
Dr. Koren has been the recipient of four distinct Presidential Citations from the National Environmental Health Association over his career, the latest one being June 2011.
Some Other Major Honors
Keynote Speaker and Consultant to Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors
Blue Key Honor Society Award for Outstanding Teaching-Indiana State University
Alumni and Student Plaque and Citations for Outstanding Teaching, Research, and Service-


    HSD Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, USA 1972,

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Environmental health, pollution, protection, air and sustainability in following areas: air quality-outdoor and indoor; built environment; children's environmental health issues; environmental health emergencies; food security and protection; environmental and occupational injury control; healthcare environment; infection control; insect control, rodent control and pesticides; recreational environment; sewage disposal systems; solid and hazardous waste; drinking water systems; water quality. Also local health departments, evaluation of competencies for environmental and nursing professionals, continuing education for working professionals in management and supervision, internship programs, preparation of technical books as well as historical books.

Personal Interests

    Reading, research, developing innovative approaches to resolving problems, local histories, wife, family and dog.