Diego E. Machuca Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Diego E. Machuca

Associate Researcher
Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina)

I'm currently an Associate researcher at CONICET (Argentina), where I've been working for the past fifteen years. I'm also the co-editor (with Duncan Pritchard) of the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism.

Subjects: Philosophy


My research is focused on skepticism in ancient philosophy, epistemology, and metaethics. I've edited Pyrrhonism in Ancient, Modern, and Contemporary Philosophy (Springer, 2011), New Essays on Ancient Pyrrhonism (Brill, 2011), Disagreement and Skepticism (Routledge, 2013), and Moral Skepticism: New Essays (Routledge, forthcoming). I've also co-edited Skepticism: From Antiquity to the Present (Bloomsbury, forthcoming) and Études sur le scepticisme antique (Classiques Garnier, forthcoming). I'm currently working on the monograph, Pyrrhonism Past and Present: Inquiry, Rationality, and Disagreement, to be published in Springer's Synthese Lybrary book series.


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 Featured Title - Disagreement and Skepticism; Machuca - 1st Edition book cover