Katie  Kissinger Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Katie Kissinger

ECE Consultant and Adjunct College Faculty, Educator for Social Justice
Portland State University, Mt. Hood Comm. College, Threads of Justice Collective

Katie Kissinger is an ECE Consultant and Adjunct College Instructor. She teaches a Capstone Course for Portland State University: The Head Start Legacy: Health, Growth and Justice. The heart and soul of her teaching and life's work in anti-bias/anti-oppression practices in education, communities and faith groups. Katie is a founder and board member of the Threads of Justice Collective, a small informal non-profit group serving children, families and educators.

Subjects: Education


Katie started on the path to anti-bias/anti-oppression work as a teenager and has spent nearly 50 years as an activist and educator for social justice.  She has taught in Head Start, coordinated and directed ECE Programs and has done ECE Consulting and College Teaching for more than 30 years, all with a focus of integrating anti-bias/anti-oppression practices into her work and teaching.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Katie is the author of a children's book: "All the Colors We Are: the Story of How We Get Our Skin Color" which won a Teacher's Choice Award.

Personal Interests

    Katie loves to swim and spend time with her five grandchildren.



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