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Julian Caldecott

As an ecologist and writer, I see my job as raising awareness of subtle but dangerous changes in our relations with the living world and with each other, and offering the best possible information and advice on how to make them less severe. I focus on ways to reduce and reverse the damage done to ecosystems, the ecological services they provide, and the wildlife populations they contain, at local, landscape and national level.


With a background in wildlife research and rainforest ecology, my consulting work and writing is to promote understanding of the values of nature, and to encourage and enable people to increase their resilience to climate change.   To do this I draw on my direct experience of major conservation programmes in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.  I also draw on the many evaluations, programme identification missions, proposals and reviews that I have led for the world's major donors and conservation agencies.  Along the way I’ve written books on 'Hunting and Wildlife Management in Sarawak' (IUCN, 1988), 'Designing Conservation Projects' (Cambridge University Press, 1996), 'Water: the Causes, Costs and Future of a Global Crisis' (Virgin, 2008), and 'Aid Performance and Climate Change' (Routledge, 2017), and I co-edited the 'World Atlas of Great Apes and their Conservation' (California University Press, 2005).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My main focus until 2000 was on wildlife, rainforest and biodiversity conservation, with long-term roles in Malaysia, Nigeria, and Indonesia, and numerous shorter-term assignments.  Since then, I've concentrated on early warning, design and performance issues concerning climate change, biodiversity, ecosystem management, and related matters of sustainability and institutional and community development.  My work has taken me to many countries across the equatorial tropics.

Personal Interests

    I enjoy reading and writing about human histories, cultures and environments, and I am a cook, gardener, and scuba diver.


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 Featured Title - Aid Performance and Climate Change- Caldecott - 1st Edition book cover