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Keely Killpack, PhD

Change Expert. Author. Speaker.

I’m Keely. I’ve spent this decade working as a change strategist & management consultant. I’m obsessed with making the change journey as quick & painless as it can be for employees experiencing large scale organizational change. I have a PhD in Organizational Psychology, which I leverage to help leaders to weaken fear, loss of control and the negativity that comes with ambiguity. My book tells my best stories and imparts wisdom & tools that anyone living the changes in healthcare should re


Keely Killpack is an expert change management strategist and technology adoption expert with more than a dozen years of supporting diverse client organizations through transformational changes. Keely holds a PhD in Organizational Psychology and uses her knowledge and experience to help employees adopt workplace changes faster and easier.

Keely is known for her highly collaborative approach to large-scale change adoption in healthcare, retail, government agencies and transportation. Beyond consulting, she created and successfully implemented three complete change management methodologies and toolkits. Keely is also a founding member of the global association of change management professionals, has presented at international and national conferences throughout the last decade, and taught graduate courses in change, communication, and leadership.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    ■ Change Management Strategy and Planning
    ■ Agile Change Management Strategy
    ■ Organizational Design & Effectiveness
    ■ Culture Change
    ■ Leadership Coaching & Development
    ■ Impact & Risk Assessment
    ■ Communication Strategy and Planning
    ■ Project & Program Management
    ■ Team Development
    ■ Work Motivation



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Change Rx for Healthcare - 1st Edition book cover


Healthcare Informatics

Don’t Leave Change to Chance when Implementing an EHR

Published: Oct 21, 2016 by Healthcare Informatics
Authors: Jay Eisenberg, Keely Killpack, Marie Weissman
Subjects: Business & Management, Healthcare, Information Technology

A successful IT project can no longer be defined as the installation of the technology on time and on budget. Only when technology is embraced by end users, embedded into the culture and integrated with streamlined operational processes is the groundwork is laid for organizations to leverage technology and achieve the desired results. The best way to secure adoption is by approaching it with the same rigor applied to other aspects of the IT projects - through an effective change management plan.