Pavna K.  Sodhi Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Pavna K. Sodhi

Psychotherapist/Adjunct Professor/Researcher

With over 20 years of psychotherapeutic and research experience, Pavna K. Sodhi, Ed.D, has interacted with a multitude of populations in both clinical and academic spaces. Her professional background and personal narrative offers a unique research perspective on diaspora issues, sexual minorities, and immigrant mental health concerns. Pavna's research has been featured in national and international scholarly journals and books.


Pavna K. Sodhi was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada by two first-generation South Asian immigrants. The majority of her childhood summers were spent in India, where she became increasingly interested in her cultural background and bicultural identity formation.

Pavna completed her education in psychology and counselling related disciplines. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where she maintains a culturally diverse therapeutic caseload, teaches counselling psychology students, and continues to research topics pertaining to multicultural populations, mental health, and identity formation.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dr. Sodhi's research and professional interests include immigrant mental health, ethnic/bicultural identity formation, LGBTQ concerns, and workplace discrimination issues.




The Versatility of the DIFT Framework

By: Pavna K. Sodhi
Subjects: Gender & Intersectionality Studies, Psychology, Social Psychology

Celebrating the publication anniversary of my book, Exploring Immigrant and Sexual Mental Health: Reconsidering Multiculturalism. Learn more about the DIFT Framework and its versatility in a therapeutic setting from my recent blog post: .

What to Expect from my Blog

By: Pavna K. Sodhi
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