Cordell  Hensley Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Cordell Hensley

Former US Marine turned business excellence consultant after working in Toyota and converting my implicit knowledge into something tacit. I believe in learning as a lifelong process and have written my first book to share my understanding of how individuals and organisations can do this to increase their effectiveness in their industry.


A dynamic and inspiring operations leader with a pragmatic approach to solving complex problems.
Extensive experience creating and delivering sustained performance improvement across multiple industries
in blue chip organisations; many heavily unionised. Direct responsibility for up to 160 staff.
An engaging communicator with strong presentation skills supported by intelligence, integrity and a good
sense of humour. Effective under pressure, in ambiguous situations and in challenging environments with an
exceptional academic record supported by specialist knowledge, experience and skills in Lean, TPS,
Operational Excellence, JIPM, TPM & WCM


    BSc Business Management, University of Phoenix, 2006
    Cert Project Management, UoP, 2007
    MBA, Manchester Business School, 2012

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Lean, Operational Excellence, Business Excellence, etc.
    Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, etc.

Personal Interests




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 Featured Title - Lean Misconceptions - 1st Edition book cover


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