Stacey  Pope Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stacey Pope

Associate Professor, School of Applied Social Sciences
Durham University

Stacey is interested in issues of gender and sport and she has published widely on the topic of female sports fans. Her research has incorporated a number of areas, including the sociology of football and rugby union; comparative research in sports fandom; women, sport and place, the meaning of sport for women and the formative experiences of female sports fans. Stacey’s research is interdisciplinary, incorporating history, sports studies, physical education, gender and leisure studies.


Stacey Pope is an Associate Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences (sport) at Durham University. Her research expertise is in the area of gender and sport and she is especially interested in female sports fandom. She has published her research in a range of international journals. Women’s experiences as sports fans have been largely ignored in sociological work to date but her book 'The Feminization of Sports Fandom: A Sociological Study' (Routledge), tackles these shortcomings in the literature and addresses the dearth of research on female sports fans. It examines the extent to which, and how, sports fandom figures in the leisure lives of women in football and rugby union, but also explores women’s journeys into their fandom and how they negotiate their place in this male domain. The book is the first study to focus on the phenomenon of the feminization of sports fandom.

Stacey is regularly invited to present on her research at national and international events and has delivered invited presentations at a number of institutions. She is committed to disseminating her research beyond the academic community and has presented her research to a range of sports governing bodies and organisations, including the National Football Museum, UEFA and Public Health England. She has delivered public lectures and her work has featured regularly in the media.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Sports fandom, especially football and rugby union
    Gender issues in fandom and comparative research in sports fandom
    Sociology of football and rugby union
    Women’s experiences of sport historically
    Gender and sport



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