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Hetty Einzig

Leadership coach consultant

I am lucky enough to work with leaders from all over the world in a wide range of sectors from business to activism. We journey together to find out what truly matters, who they are and how they choose to contribute to their organisation and in the world. My background is in transpersonal psychology, languages and the arts. I blend these with psychoanalytic and systemic perspectives for a holistic approach. I have two Millennial daughters a husband and cat - and yoga keeps me sane!


I work globally as a leadership coach and facilitator with individuals, teams and organisations.  I bring 30 years of psychology and executive coaching experience to my work. A Director of The Flourish Initiative, a Senior Consultant with Performance Consultants International, PC France, Analytic-Network Coaching and an Associate of Leaders’ Quest, I teach on the Diploma in Executive Coaching at the IMI in Dublin and the coaching diploma at bmh Coach in Casablanca. I am  the Editor of Coaching Perspectives, the Association for Coaching global magazine (circulation 12,000).

My career has spanned the arts, journalism and TV, psychology, health, and organisational development. I have worked internationally for over 25 years, designing and delivering global coaching-leadership and culture change programmes in corporate and public sector, both in English and French. My approach is holistic, spanning work, life and strategic development, and integral, viewing the individual or team as part of their context.  With its integrated roots and non-pathologising stance, coaching has an especially powerful role to play as part of a leadership partnership, helping leaders navigate our increasingly VUCA and networked world, empower them to establish values-driven and ethical organisations, and to shape their contribution beyond the organisation and the bottom line to address the challenges of our time.

A key focus is women’s leadership: recent projects include Femmes Leaders de Demain, a large-scale European funded leadership programme across North Africa for young women activists, and niche programmes for women leaders: Purpose Power Presence. These create a ‘lab-environment’, a transitional space, both safe and challenging, for women leaders to explore and experiment with changing the rules of the game.  The programme combines simple but effective embodiment techniques with the development of purpose, values and personal impact.  I chaired the groundbreaking FemmeQ summit in Berlin, which launched the concept of Feminine Intelligence - an area increasingly gaining widespread interest.

I was a founder member of Be the Change, the social change organisation which recognises environmental wellbeing, social justice and spiritual fulfilment as interdependent for sustainability. In 2014 I joined Leaders Quest, which introduces business leaders to unfamiliar perspectives and remarkable leaders in unusual places to inspire them to create new opportunities for themselves, their companies and their communities.

My roots lie in transpersonal psychology, a values and potential based model that works with the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual as an interconnected whole.  As a fully trained psychotherapist, this deeper understanding and experience underpins my coaching.  I hold a Masters in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute (University of London) and a Masters in Psychoanalytic and Systemic Approaches to Consulting with Organisations from the Tavistock Centre (University of East London).

I co-established a successful London contemporary art gallery, worked as a journalist, writing for national magazines and newspapers and held editorial positions at the Sunday Times Magazine and Time Out.  I co- developed and was the presenter of A Problem Aired, the first live television counselling programme (Thames TV), and I have written, co-written and co-edited a number of books since the 1980’s.


    MA, Univ East London, Tavistock Centre, 2011
    MA, History of Art, Courtauld Institute, 1979
    MA, Transpersonal psychotherapy, Univ East London, 1988

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    coaching, leadership development, women's leadership, Feminine Intelligence, Wellbeing

Personal Interests

    coaching, leadership development, women's leadership, Feminine Intelligence, Wellbeing
    yoga, running, walking, film, literature, writing


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