John C.  Alessio Author of Evaluating Organization Development

John C. Alessio

Professor Emeritus in Sociology and Former Dean
Retired from MnSCU

Dr. John C. Alessio is Professor Emeritus in Sociology, and has taught at a number of universities throughout his career. He is a founder or co-founder of various university programs focusing on diversity enhancement and social justice, and has twice served as a university academic dean. Dr. Alessio has published widely in professional journals and is the author of two books currently under the Routledge label: Social Problems and Inequality…, and The Intentional Dean….


Dr. John C. Alessio is Professor Emeritus in Sociology, having taught Sociology courses at a number of universities throughout his career.  He has initiated, developed, and co-developed a number of university programs to enhance diversity and social justice.  Dr. Alessio served as the Director of Sociology at two universities and served in numerous leadership positions as a faculty member, such as:  

1. University Faculty Union President
2.  University faculty Union Chief Grievance Officer
3. State Faculty Union Board Member
4. State Faculty Union Treasurer and Executive Committee Member
5. State Faculty Union Liaison to the Minnesota Educational Association
6. Chaired many University Faculty Union Committees

Dr. Alessio served as the academic dean of the undergraduate college at Marywood University from 2000 – 2003.  This position involved supervising 19 departments & department chairs, 120 fulltime faculty members, and about 250 part-time faculty members.  While at Marywood, among other accomplishments, he:

1. led a major curriculum transformation project that created a greatly revised core curriculum for the University;
2. played a significant role in the restructuring of the University;
3. initiated and executed a new systematic quantitative methodology for determining merit pay;
4. served on and chaired numerous college and university-wide committees.  

From 2006 through 2011 Dr. Alessio served as the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  He supervised 11 departments and department chairs, 130 fulltime faculty members and about 100 part-time faculty members.  During this service, among other accomplishments, he:  

1.   initiated and developed a college diversity program;
2.   developed and executed a systematic method for distributing discretionary funds;  
3.   promoted and helped develop a Native American Studies 4 year degree Program;
4.   helped lead and develop a doctoral program in Psychology;
5.   led an increase in summer school revenues;
6.   led an increase in scholarship productivity;
7.   planned and oversaw the expansion of the college’s physical space;
8.   led the development and execution of a study abroad program;
9.   led and executed a systematic data-based process for reducing the college budget by 2 million    
      dollars in response to the 2008 financial crisis;
10. served on and chaired numerous college and university-wide committees

Dr. Alessio has published in some of the most prestigious journals in his field, including:

1.  Journal of Marriage and the Family
2. The Social Psychology Quarterly
3.  Journal of Applied Sociology
4.  American Sociological Review
5.  Journal of Applied Sociology
6.  Journal of Psychology
7.  International Review of Modern Sociology

Dr. Alessio has also co-authored a monograph titled, Education for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility, with Dr. Julie Andrzejewski, and is the author of the book:  
Social Problems and Inequality:  Social Responsibility Through Progressive Sociology, London: Ashgate, 2011.  (now under the Routledge label).  His most recent book is titled: The Intentional Dean: A Guide to the Academic Deanship (Routledge 2017).

Dr. John C. Alessio
703 Short Street
Steilacoom, WA 98388

Email:  [email protected]
Cell:  507-469-2071


    Loyola University of Chicago: BA Degree
    Eastern Illinois University: MA Degree
    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale: Ph.D.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Educational Administration (focus on the academic dean)
    Social Problems (focus on Sociological analysis and solutions)
    Sociological Research Methods

Personal Interests



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