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Deepti Ruth Azariah

Curtin University

I am a lecturer teaching creative and professional writing units, particularly those concerning travel writing, editing, and publishing. My research interests include travel writing, e-book publishing, and social media platforms. I have also taught communication skills, journalism and mass communication. I have worked as an editor and freelance children's fiction writer. I currently write a personal blog at


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Media, Culture and Society

The traveler as author

Published: Aug 30, 2016 by Media, Culture and Society
Authors: Deepti Ruth Azariah
Subjects: Web, Media and Cultural Studies, Communication Studies

The choice of either a legacy publisher or a self-publishing service can have implications for how a travel blogger may be presented and perceived as a reputable published author. This article explores how travel blogs negotiate the discursive tensions produced as a result of the presentation of various aspects of self, particularly as a published author and as a traveler as opposed to a tourist.

Critical Studies in Media Communication

When Travel Meets Tourism: Tracing Discourse in Tony Wheeler's Blog

Published: Jun 01, 2011 by Critical Studies in Media Communication
Authors: Deepti Ruth Azariah
Subjects: Media and Cultural Studies, Tourism, Hospitality and Events

This paper examines a guidebook publisher's blog and argues that this online narrative is a site of discursive tensions between travel and tourism.