Barbara  Bridgman Perkins Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Barbara Bridgman Perkins

Retired Public Health Professional, Independent Scholar

Barbara Bridgman Perkins has published articles, book chapters, and op-eds on historical, economic, and political aspects of public health policy, medical institutions, specialization, health care reform, medical ethics, malpractice, women’s health, perinatal care, sexuality, and aging, among other topics. Her first book was The Medical Delivery Business: Health Reform, Childbirth, and the Economic Order.


Barbara Bridgman Perkins attained knowledge in Medical Sciences/ Pathology as a graduate student at Harvard Medical School.  She learned to research scientific evidence on medical effectiveness as a member of the group that wrote Our Bodies, Ourselves.  As a health planner, she observed first hand the tensions among professional and economic interests shaping medical delivery.  Studying the UK’s National Health Service during a year in London taught her comparative health care systems.  She learned interdisciplinary scholarship in teaching and studying at Miami University, The Evergreen State College, and the Union Institute.


    AM Medical Sciences PhD Health Policy

Personal Interests

    Exploring Cities and Ancient Sites on Foot, Hiking, Gardening


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