Nicholas G Dowell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Nicholas G Dowell

Lecturer in Imaging Physics
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

I am an MR physicist working in the field of quantitative MRI. I have a particular interest in quantitative diffusion MR and magnetization transfer imaging.


I graduated from University of Exeter with a first-class honours degree in Chemistry. I pursued a PhD at the same institution in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of crystalline solids. This led to a post-doctoral position at Institute of Neurology, UCL working in quantitative MRI in multiple sclerosis before coming to Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Quantitative MRI.
    Diffusion imaging.
    Blood-brain barrier permeability measurement.
    Quantitative magnetization transfer.

Personal Interests

    I enjoy walking and cycling in the countryside.