Jane Helen Hodgkinson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jane Helen Hodgkinson

Research Scientist

Jane Helen Hodgkinson was born and brought up in London and spent 20 years in banking and commodities. Seeking intellectual stimulation, she undertook a geology degree as a part-time student at Birkbeck College, London and graduated with 1st class honours. This led to her second career as a geologist. Seeing opportunities in Australia, Jane undertook a PhD at the Queensland University of Technology and was appointed to CSIRO as a research geologist in 2007.


Jane has worked at CSIRO for 10 years on a range of environmental and geological projects, linked with mining and resources. Jane has performed modelling, data analysis techniques using self organising maps (SOM), coal quality and geosequestration projects and currently works across the Energy, Mineral Resources and Land and Water business units. Jane has led projects developing knowledge and tools related to climate adaptation in mining, to reduce downtime and hazards associated with climate extremes and climate change. Jane has also worked coal seam gas potential and geosequestration projects and has performed geomorphological and terrain analyses for risk assessments. Prior to her career in geology, Jane worked in the London money markets in financial, commodities and futures trading and compliance. Jane moved to Australia in 2002. She holds the degrees of BSc (Hons) in geology (Birkbeck, London) and PhD in Geology and geomorphology from QUT Queensland.

Jane co-authored two books with Professor Frank Stacey, physicist and fellow at CSIRO.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Climate adaptation, climate impact on mining, coal mining, geological characterisation for mining, geosequestration, spatial analysis, multiple criteria analysis, landscape analysis



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