Michel  Vandenbroeck Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Michel Vandenbroeck

Ghent University

I am head of the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. My teaching and research are about early childhood education, parent support and family policies, with a special interest for contexts of diversity and processes of in- and exclusion. Since 2017, together wth Liselott Olsson, I have taken over the coordinating editorship of the groundbreaking series "Contesting Early Childhood" from Gunilla Dahlberg and Peter Moss.


Some significant publications
1. Vandenbroeck, M. & Lazzari, A. (2014). Accessibility of Early Childhood Education and Care. A state of affairs. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 22(1). pp. 327-335.
2. Geens, N. & Vandenbroek, M. (2014) The (ab)sense of a concept of social support in parenting research: a social work perspective. Child & Family Social Work 19 (4). 491-500.
3. Morabito, C.,  Vandenbroeck, M. & Roose, R. (2013). The ‘greatest of equalizers’: A critical review of international organisations’ views on early childhood care and education. Journal of Social Policy, 42(3). P. 451-467.
4. Geens, N. & Vandenbroeck, M. (2013). Early childhood education and care as a space for social support in urban contexts of diversity. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 21(3). 407-419.
5. Vandenbroeck, M.; Roets, G. & Roose, R. (2012). Why the evidence-based paradigm in early childhood education and care is anything but evident. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 20(4). 537-552.
6. Urban, M.; Vandenbroeck, M.; Van Laere, K.; Lazzari, A. & Peeters, J. (2012). Towards competent systems in early childhood education and care. Implications for policy and practice. European Journal of Education 47(4). 508-526.
7. Vandenbroeck, M.; Coussee, F. & Bradt, L. (2010). The social and political construction of early childhood education. British Journal of Educational Studies, 58(2).139-153.
8. Vandenbroeck, M.; Roets, G. & Snoeck, A. (2009). Immigrant mothers crossing borders: Nomadic identities and multiple belongings in early childhood education. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal 17(2). 203-216.
9. Vandenbroeck, M.; De Visscher, S.; Van Nuffel, K. & Ferla, J. (2008). Mothers’ Search for Infant Child Care: The Dynamic Relation between Availability and Desirability in a Continental European Welfare State. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 23(2) pp 245-258.
10. Vandenbroeck, M. & Bouverne-De Bie, M. (2006) Children’s Agency and Educational Norms: A Tensed Negotiation. Childhood, 13 (1) 127-143.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Early Childhood Care and Education
    Parent support
    Family policy
    Social Pedagogy


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