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Mason Donovan

Managing Partner
The Dagoba Group

MASON is a Managing Partner at The Dagoba Group, a New England-based diversity, inclusion and engagement consultancy that specializes in leadership development, unconscious bias, and inclusion dynamics. He is also a Founder and Fellow at Yaru Institute, a think tank and strategic consultancy focused on finding inclusive solutions to core corporate people challenges. He has spent more than two decades consulting clients in talent acquisition, performance management, and leading inclusive teams.


Mason Donovan is a principal at The Dagoba Group, an integrated global Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement consulting practice with specialties in Unconscious Bias, Work-Life Balance, Leadership Dynamics, and Client Engagement. Mason has over a decade of experience consulting clients in the areas of talent acquisition, performance management and leading inclusive teams, including working with over half of the Fortune 1000 companies on talent acquisition and management initiatives. He has also represented the US Government and the State of Florida on a commercial and diplomatic basis in EMEA. Mason is co-author of The Inclusion Dividend: Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off, which provides an actionable framework for companies to tap the bottom-line impact that results from an inclusive culture, and the SET for inclusion: An Underlying Methodology for Achieving Your Inclusion which will guide leaders, whether they are a top level executive, middle manager, or individual contributor, by applying the SET framework to lead inclusively. He is also author of The Golden Apple: Redefining Work-Life Balance for a Diverse Workforce , which is dedicated to solving one of today’s most pressing workplace challenges, and Driven: A Manager’s Field Guide to Sales Team Optimization.

Mason earned a Masters in International Business from Webster University in The Netherlands and a Bachelors in International Relations from the University of Mary Washington in Virginia.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Popular Speaking Topics: Finding Your Inclusion Dividend, Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance Corporate Culture, Four Core Leadership Competencies for an Inclusive Culture, Crafting a Business Case for Inclusion, and Mitigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Personal Interests

    Hiking, Dogs, Local Community



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