Kelli C. Rudolph Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kelli C. Rudolph

Lecturer in Classics & Philosophy
University of Kent

Kelli C. Rudolph is a Lecturer in Classics and Philosophy at the University of Kent. Her main field of study is ancient philosophy, with a particular focus on the Presocratics, Theophrastus, and sensory studies.


Kelli Rudolph earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her MPhil and PhD from University of Cambridge. Prior to taking up her post at the University of Kent, Dr. Rudolph was assistant professor at Grand Valley State University and concurrently held a post-doctoral research post at the University of Oxford.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Specialising in ancient philosophy, Dr. Rudolph takes a varied approach to the field, attempting to bring together the best of the philological and philosophical traditions. Her main area of interest is Presocratic philosophy, on which she has published a number of papers. She has worked extensively on Theophrastus' de Sensibus, and has a special interest in interdisciplinary sensory studies.

    Dr. Rudolph's research fall into two broad categories. The first centres on the ancient senses. This work contributes to debates in philosophy, aesthetics, classics, archaeology, historical anthropology and the sociological study of the senses. The second concerns the transmission of philosophy from the Presocratic to the Roman period in technical treatises, as well as in comic and tragic drama and didactic poetry. This work contributes to debates in philosophy and classics.  

    Kelli's teaching at undergraduate and master's level covers a wide-range of Classical studies, with particular specialisms in ancient philosophy, Greek literature and history, as well as Greek and Latin language at all levels.  

    Dr. Rudolph is also involved in outreach at the University of Kent, where she has been involved with a programme aiming to develop resources for visually-impaired visitors at Canterbury Cathedral and Archives and the Beaney Museum. She has also initiated a literacy outreach programme with Canterbury-area schools in partnership with the Classical Tales project.  

Personal Interests

    I enjoy travelling and walking (aka hiking).



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