Mikko  Mattila Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Mikko Mattila

Professor of Political Science
University of Helsinki

Mikko Mattila is Professor of Political Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He was the leader of a Academy of Finland funded project titled ‘Health and Political Engagement’. This book (co-authored with Lauri Rapeli, Hanna Wass and Peter Söderlund) is one of the outcomes of the Project. The Project has produced several articles on the subject (see below for more information).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Political behaviour
    Health and political engagement
    European Union Politics



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Health and Political Engagement - Mattila et al - 1st Edition book cover


International Political Science Review (Forthcoming)

Disability, Perceived Discrimination and Political Participation.

Published: Jul 10, 2017 by International Political Science Review (Forthcoming)
Authors: Mikko Mattila & Achillefs Papageorgiou

Scandinavian Political Studies (forthcoming)

Explaining social-class inequality in voter turnout: the contribution of income

Published: Jul 10, 2017 by Scandinavian Political Studies (forthcoming)
Authors: Hannu Lahtinen, Mikko Mattila, Hanna Wass & Pekka Martikainen

European Journal of Political Research (forthcoming)

Just sick of it? Health and political trust in Western Europe

Published: Jul 10, 2017 by European Journal of Political Research (forthcoming)
Authors: Mikko Mattila & Lauri Rapeli

This article explores two theoretical possibilities for why personal health may affect political trust: the psychological-democratic contract theory, and the role of personal experience in opinion formation.

Acta Politica (forthcoming)

Sick leave from work and the voting booth? A register-based study on health and

Published: Jul 09, 2017 by Acta Politica (forthcoming)
Authors: Mikko Mattila, Hanna Wass, Hannu Lahtinen, Pekka Martikainen

 Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (Forthcoming)

Voting while ailing? The effect of voter facilitation instruments on health-rela

Published: Jun 04, 2017 by Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (Forthcoming)
Authors: Hanna Wass, Mikko Mattila, Lauri Rapeli & Peter Söderlund

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 71(5): 475-479.

How voter turnout varies between different chronic conditions? A population-base

Published: Jan 07, 2017 by Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 71(5): 475-479.
Authors: Reijo Sund, Hannu Lahtinen, Hanna Wass, Mikko Mattila & Pekka Martikainen

Electoral Studies, 32(4), 886-891.

Healthy voting: The effect of self-reported health on turnout in 30 countries

Published: Jul 10, 2013 by Electoral Studies, 32(4), 886-891.
Authors: Mikko Mattila, Peter Söderlund, Hanna Wass & Lauri Rapeli