Michael Mark Chemers Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Michael Mark Chemers

Associate Professor of Dramatic Literature
University of California Santa Cruz

Chemers’ work discovers interrelation between diverse disciplines (dramaturgy, monster studies, disability studies, and new media studies) united by the “dramaturgy of empathy,” the study of how ideas that increase (or corrode) compassion move through performance culture, an understanding critical to combatting racism and violence.

Subjects: History


Michael Mark Chemers is one of the leading international voices in the study and practice of dramaturgy; his works on the subject are available in many languages and are taught all over the world. Chemers is a historian and theorist of performance whose professional work includes playwriting and adaptation of classic plays. He was the Founding Director of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production Dramaturgy Program at Carnegie Mellon University and now teaches at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dramaturgy, Theatre History, Performance Theory, Adaptation, American Studies, Monster Theory, New Media Studies, Disability Studies


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