Gail Elizabeth Myers Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gail Elizabeth Myers

BlueSkies for Children

Gail Myers has been an Early Childhood consultant with BlueSkies for Children for many years, providing staff development, creating educational videos, and coaching individual teachers. she is currently working on her second book about teaching, with the working title "Adventures in Kindergarten."


Gail Myers has worked with every age group from two-year-olds through sixth grade during her career in education. She has had a long and fruitful relationship with BlueSkies for Children, providing  staff development, coaching transitional kindergarten teachers in the Oakland Public Schools, and collaborating on many videos and other educational materials to help parents and teachers understand how young children grow and learn.

During the 17 years that she worked in the Hayward Public Schools, she taught kindergarten and first grade as a bilingual teacher (Spanish), then went on to coach other teachers in kindergarten through third grade. She also taught intervention classes for upper grade students. Gail worked for several summers training kindergarten and first-grade teachers in other school districts how to use research based methods to teach early literacy.

Like her co-authors of "The Bridge to School," Gail enjoys using her education and on-the-ground experience to help teachers and parents understand what makes their children tick and how to give them all they need to become healthy and happy adults.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Child Development
    Preschool Curriculum
    Early Literacy
    Learning through Play
    Working with English Language Learners

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 Featured Title - The Bridge to School *Hale et al* - 1st Edition book cover