Neil  Thompson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Neil Thompson

For over twenty years now I've been working as an independent writer, educator and consultant, focusing on helping individuals maximize their potential and helping organizations get their people issues right. Much of my work is now based online, with various e-courses, an online learning community (geared towards self-directed learning and reflective practice) and online survey services (to help organizations gauge how well they are doing in getting the best out of their employees) to my name.


After a successful career in social work in which I established myself as a highly respected author, educator and consultant, I broadened out my interests to develop expertise in human relations more broadly, to encompass communication issues; conflict management; stress; leadership and related matters.

Underpinning all my work has been a passion for helping people learn and to achieve their full potential. I have done this in various ways: consulting and advisory work; education and training services, including the development of DVDs and e-courses; speaking at conferences; developing online survey services; and, of course, writing books, articles and development manuals.

A key feature of my work these days is the Avenue Professional Development Programme, an online learning community in which I work with members to help them identify their learning needs and their own learning pathway. It is based on principles of supported, self-directed learning and geared towards promoting critically reflective practice.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Sociology, social policy, social work, human relations, social theory - especially existentialism

Personal Interests

    Music, cinema, languages, philosophy, astronomy, archaeology



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