Vassilis Antonas is the author of Coaching for Impact: The Evolution of Leadership. The book features his distilled experience as an Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Organisational Development Consultant and Senior Trainer and is the definitive coaching leader’s increment. He has consulted for over 60 multinational firms, cofounded and directed 3 postgraduate coaching trainings and worked with over 1000 prominent individuals over the past two decades.

At work he goes by PRAID (Pace, Resilience, Accountability, Influence, Deliberation), which is also the proposed leadership model presented in his book.

When he is not consulting, Vassilis invests his time seeking excellence as a senior martial artist, a musician, a deep-sea free-diver and until recently a motorsport driver. He is a devoted and curious world traveller and firmly believes that achievement and fulfilment go hand in hand.

At play he goes by DARE (Dedication, Aesthetics, Recreation, Evolution).
BSc Psychology
MSc Pscychotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma, Executive Coaching and OD
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Executive Coaching | Psychotherapy | Organisational Development | Authoring | Music
Personal Interests
Martial Arts | Deep sea free-diving | Motorsport