Robyn  Bartel Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Robyn Bartel

Associate Professor
University of New England

Robyn is an Associate Professor in Geography and Planning at the University of New England, Australia. Recognized internationally for her contribution to environmental law and policy, her research encompasses regulation, regulatory agencies and the regulated, as well as the social, institutional and natural landscape in which all are situated.


Robyn undertook her undergraduate BSc (Hons. First)/ LLB degree at the Australian National University and was awarded the University Medal in Geography in 1997. Her PhD thesis entitled ‘On the Side of the Trees: The Regulation of Land Clearance in Australia’ was completed at the University of Melbourne and placed second in the Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in 2004. Robyn returned to the Australian National University for a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Regulatory Institutions Network before accepting an appointment at the University of New England in 2005.


    BSc(H1)/LLB (ANU), Master Higher Ed (ANU), PhD (UMelb).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Robyn's empirical research evaluating the implementation of environmental law and models of regulatory efficacy has made a significant intellectual contribution as well as being influential in policy development.  Appreciated by academic and professional audiences alike, her scholarship is highly valued for both its practical application and substantive intellectual contribution. Her work is heavily cited in the scholarly literature and has been handpicked for prestigious international collections and seminal texts in environmental law.

Personal Interests

    Robyn’s unique background in law and geography means that legal geography is her thing (makes sense!). Legal geography is a pretty new-ish term for a very exciting area of scholarship that explores the interactions between people, place and our legal systems. Robyn is especially interested in ensuring that we all get to stay alive into the future, and, just to make sure we aren’t lonely when we get there, that all of our fellow creatures and mountains and rivers stay alive too. Robyn’s research in legal geography focuses on sustainability and human-environment relationships, especially as influenced by social institutions such as the law.



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