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Peggy Salvatore

Author, Speaker, Trainer
Health Business Communications

Peggy Salvatore has written books and training programs on management, leadership, organizational development, business and training. After spending several years in daily journalism as a political and government reporter, she moved into business writing most frequently spending her time in health policy. She earned an MBA in strategy and economics, and has written many professional articles, white papers, leadership training and product marketing programs mostly for the pharmaceutical industry.


Peggy Salvatore MBA is former journalist who has worked with subject matter experts in engineering, technology, biopharmaceuticals and manufacturing writing books, articles and training materials.

She has written thousands of articles first as a daily journalist and now as a training and writing consultant focused on the promise of the New Economy. Her most recent work is focused on the value of human expertise in knowledge management in an age of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Her books include:

Working with SMEs: A Guide to Gathering and Organizing Content from Subject Matter Experts.  This is her definitive guide to extracting knowledge from your internal subject matter experts in an organized way.

Finding Your SMEs: Capturing Knowledge from Retiring Subject Mater Experts in Your Organization Before They Leave.   Sometimes the biggest obstacle your business faces is determining what expertise is important enough to spend your valuable, finite resources to capture. This book helps you make that decision.

30 Days to the New Economy: Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur  is a collection of blogs that look at the way the New Industrial Revolution is impacting new business development.

U-Turn Leadership by Elmer D. Gates was written for the late Mr. Gates shortly before his death in 2015. Mr. Gates was a CEO and turnaround artist who was Lean before Lean was cool. Mr. Gates mentored many CEOs and executives, and co-founded several institutions including a local bank, a church and a regional economic development council. Every chapter of this business biography ends with  a lesson.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Training design and corporate knowledge management, Lean and continuous quality improvement, health policy, health information technology and biopharmaceutical payment and reimbursement.

Personal Interests

    Peggy is a singer and songwriter. She loves gardening, hiking, walking and spending time with her three grown children.



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