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Miryam Clough

Independent researcher

Miryam Clough is interested in the way shame affects individuals and operates in organisations and social spaces in a variety of contexts. Her work is multidisciplinary and looks at the way shame and gender intersect with broader sociopolitical concerns. She also studies shame in the clinical context and in the field of dementia care. Miryam is a clinician and lecturer and has a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Bristol, UK.


Miryam studied English literature and theology in her home country, New Zealand, then spent a year as a novice in a religious order in Australia before settling in the UK. Disillusionment about the church's position on the ordination of women  led her to follow another great interest, alternative medicine, and she qualified as a homeopath. Miryam is currently Clinical Training Tutor at the Sophia School in Derbyshire and lectures at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol. Her personal experience of the church, along with learning of the systemic abuse of women and children in Roman Catholic institutions, prompted her to undertake doctoral research on shame in institutional Christianity. She is now applying her work on shame to the area of dementia care and is currently engaged in an arts-based research project on shame and stigma in this field.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Shame affect and emotion, shame and gender, neurobiology of shame, institutional shame, shame and violence, feminist theology, Magdalen laundries, Terror Management Theory, shame and stigma in dementia and dementia care, homeopathic medicine - philosophy, Materia Medica and clinical practice.

Personal Interests

    Friends and family, nature, camping, walking, film, theatre, music, current affairs, Relational Cultural Theory.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Shame, the Church and the Reg of Female Sexuality: Clough - 1st Edition book cover


Journal of Dementia Care

Shame: a risky emotion in dementia care

Published: Nov 21, 2016 by Journal of Dementia Care
Authors: Miryam Clough

Shame is a significant but under-acknowledged emotion in care work. It warrants investigation and understanding if we are to improve the quality of care for people with dementia.

Feminist Theology

Atoning Shame

Published: Aug 21, 2014 by Feminist Theology
Authors: Miryam Clough

First delivered at the Trinity College Bristol, Post-graduate Research Conference, 20 June 2013, this paper presents a discussion of Christian concepts of atonement and their relevance to wrongdoing, with particular reference to Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries.

International Journal of Leadership in Public Services

Shame and Organisations

Published: Feb 01, 2010 by International Journal of Leadership in Public Services
Authors: Miryam Clough

Shame affects individual motivation and performance as well as organisational cohesiveness, and impacts strongly on interpersonal relationships and the way that organisations are perceived both internally and in the public arena. Shame is highlighted as a cause of bullying and scapegoating in organisations. An awareness of shame transactions at all levels of organisational life may help leaders to manage these interpersonal spaces more effectively.