Sten  Widmalm Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sten Widmalm

Uppsala University

Sten Widmalm, is Professor in political science at the Department of Government, Uppsala University in Sweden. As a comparative political scientist he has worked extensively in South Asia, parts of Africa, and several countries in Europe. His research has focused on political tolerance, democratic development, conflict studies, crisis management, decentralization, and corruption.

Subjects: Sociology


I am a political scientist who has specialized in comparative politics with a focus on South Asia, Europe and parts of Africa. My research has mainly focused on democratic development, political tolerance,party systems, international relations, ethnic conflicts, public administration, and the formation of political attitudes. In my research career I have continuously employed qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Comparative politics. Democracy studies, Political tolerance studies.
    Often consulted as an expert on South Asia, ethnic violence, political tolerance related questions, crisis management and civil protection.

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