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Clive Wilson

Author and Director
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Clive Wilson is an author, speaker, facilitator and coach. He specialises in purposeful leadership and sustainability. He has written “Designing the Puposeful Organization - how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries” (Kogan Page 2015) and latterly “Designing the Purposeful World - the Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for humanity” (Routledge 2018). He is available as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.


Clive started his career as an engineer in the electricity industry in 1972.  In the 1990s he was involved in managing change as part of the privatisation programme.  He became heavily involved in leadership development and culture change and left the industry in 2000 to become a consultant.  

He joined Primeast as MD in 2002 and in 2008 passed the role to his successor, making more time for writing, speaking and facilitating workshops.  

“Designing the Purposeful Organization” was published in 2015 and in the final chapter, Clive speculated that the principles described could usefully be applied to humanity.  As if by serendipity, the UN then published the first draft of the Sustainable Development Goals.  Clive was inspired and dedicated the next fifteen years to supporting their attainment.  This work included writing “Designing the Puposeful World”, setting up a Harrogate Branch of the United Nations Association (UNA) and speaking at numerous conferences and events.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Clive studies and writes several articles on leadership, culture change and sustainable development.

Personal Interests

    When he isn’t working, Clive enjoys time with his wife, five children and grandson.  He and Frances enjoy walking, especially in Northumberland where Clive also has a small artist’s studio and paints whenever he gets chance.  



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Articles on Purposeful Leadership

Published: Dec 18, 2017 by Linked In
Authors: Clive Wilson
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Work & Organizational Psychology, Environment and Sustainability

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Is lockdown focusing our minds on the world we want?

By: Clive Wilson
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry, Environment and Agriculture , Environment and Sustainability, Philosophy, Political Science, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Work & Organizational Psychology

As the colour drains from our 2020 world view, I'm wondering whether lockdown in the year of the Coronavirus has given you time for reflection regarding the world you wish to see emerge in the 2021 and the years that will follow in the coming decade?

For me, this is most certainly a time for hope and the UN Sustainable Development Goals continue to provide (as my book suggests) a "blueprint for humanity".

If people in your workplace or community would like to take stock of where they're at and reset the compass for the future, please do reach out to me for ideas or perhaps a collaborative workshop.  You can email me to [email protected] or find me on Linked In.

Whatever your context, I encourage a period of seasonal reflection and personal (and corporate) alignment to the needs of the world.  Here's to a truly Purposeful World in 2021.

With every blessing and love for the road ahead, Clive

December 2020