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Angi Buettner

Senior Lecturer, Media Studies
Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Angi Buettner is a Senior Lecturer and Acting Programme Director, Media Studies.


Angi Buettner researches in the areas of media and environmental communication, visual culture, and the cultural practices of climate change. Her work focuses on the media and communication processes that sustain environmental action specifically, and on media, politics and the public sphere more generally.
Her current project is 'Climate Change and Popular Culture', a book-length study which will look at how and why - and with what consequences - climate change becomes a media spectacle.  
Angi also has a record of working in the digital media and communications sector (most recently on a project on social media use in disaster management) and has produced consultant reports for industry.


    PhD University of Queensland, Australia. 2005.
    M.A. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany. 2000.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    media and environmental communication; media and cultural studies;

Personal Interests

    When not teaching or writing or doing admin things, Angi is slowly renovating an old little house and making a permaculture garden and regenerating a little bush reserve. And to get a break from it all she goes canicrossing or tramping with her two NZ collie dogs.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Holocaust Images and Picturing Catastrophe - 1st Edition book cover


New Zealand Journal of Media Studies 12.1 (2010): 79–97.

Climate Change in the Media

Published: Nov 12, 2010 by New Zealand Journal of Media Studies 12.1 (2010): 79–97.
Authors: Angi Buettner

This article deals with the public and media debates about climate change. It critiques the media framing and staging of these debates, particularly in relation to notions of journalistic objectivity and balance. The logic of the media in covering climate change, and in creating scientific credibility, is discussed.