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Ruben Cordera


Dr. Rubén Cordera is a Researcher in Transport and Land Use interaction in the Transportation Systems Research Group at the University of Cantabria (Spain), from where he earned his Ph.D. His research focuses on LUTI models, transport planning and spatial econometric models applied to transport and land use.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Land Use, GIS, Transport Geography, Transport, Accessibility



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Journal of Transport Geograph

Modelling transport and real-estate values interactions in urban systems

Published: Feb 08, 2018 by Journal of Transport Geograph
Authors: Á Ibeas, R Cordera, P Coppola, A Dominguez

This article presents hedonic Multiple Linear Regression models (MLR), spatial autoregressive hedonic models (SAR), Spatial autoregressive hedonic in the Error term Models (SEMs) and spatial Durbin hedonic models (SDMs) to estimate house price variations in metropolitan areas as a result of changing environmental and accessibility conditions.

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Modelling the spatial interactions between workplace and residential location

Published: Feb 08, 2018 by Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
Authors: Ángel Ibeas, Ruben Cordera, Luigi dell’Olio, Pierluigi Coppola

In this paper, Nested Logit (NL) and Cross-Nested Logit models of residential location choice are specified and compared to MNL, to investigate the existence of spatial correlation between different locations.