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Robert Cropf

Saint Louis University

I am interested in public policy and administration, in particular, the intersection between these two fields and civil society and technology. This is a common theme that runs through my recent work. I have examined the role of civil society in public administration and the role of technology in public policy and administration looking at things as diverse as the Arab Spring and participatory budgeting in U.S. cities. My primary focus is the U.S.


Robert A. Cropf is Professor of Political Science and former Chair of the Department of Public Policy Studies at Saint Louis University. His recent work includes the second edition of American Public Administration: Public Service for the Twenty-First Century, which was co-written with John Wagner, Ph.D. It has been called the “go-to introductory textbook” for public administration courses. He is also the author of E-Government for Public Managers (Rowman and Littlefield, 2016) and co-editor with Tim Bagwell, Ph.D., of  Ethical Issues and Citizen Rights in the Era of Digital Government Surveillance (IGI Global, 2016), which has been called a “a must-read edition which focuses on ethical issues of prtection in times of terrorism”.

His recent journal articles include “Multinational Corporations, Virtual Public Spheres, And The Arab Spring,”  co-authored with Morris Kalliny and Ben Mamoun and published 2012 in the Multinational Business Review; “The Role of Web 2.0 in the Arab Spring,” co-authored with Kalliny and Mamoun and published in 2013 in Cases on Web 2.0 in Developing Countries, edited by Nahed Amin Azab;
“The Prospects for e-Government and e-Governance in Zambia,” co-authored with Joshua Nyirenda and published in 2010 in the International Journal of e-Government Research  and “E-Government in Saudi Arabia: Between Promise and Reality” co-authored with Maher Al-Fakhri, et al and published in the International Journal of e-Government Research in 2008. The above articles show how social media have helped civil society in producing social and political change in developing countries.

His book Public Administration in the 21st Century was published by Pearson-Longman in 2007. He has also published The Public Administration Casebook (co-edited with Jennifer Giancola and Kirstin Loutzenhiser), by Pearson-Longman and Information Communication Technology and Virtual Public Spheres (co-edited with Scott Krummenacher) published by IGI Global.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Civil society, urban government and politics, eGovernment and eGovernance, public administration pedagogical theory, and local public finance issues.

Personal Interests

    Running, reading policy and politics nonfiction, reading science fiction, hiking, and exploring urban areas all over the world.


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