A passionate teacher and leader, Elisa Guerra has founded 9 schools in 3 countries, authored 25 books and trained thousands of teachers. Named “Best Educator in Latin America” by IDB in 2015, her innovative approach to learning was profiled in a documentary by Al Jazeera, "Rebel Education – México: The Power of Early Education" in 2017. She was a Top 50 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize in both 2016 and 2016.

Elisa has said that she became a teacher by accident. In fact, she wanted to be a writer, and had published a couple of poetry books in her twenties.

Then she became a mother.

Wanting her children to experience the joy of reading and the beauties of art, music and culture from around the world, Elisa became her kids’ first teacher. When it was time to send them to school she was not happy with the choices she had in Aguascalientes, México.

So she founded her own.

Colegio Valle de Filadelfia’s aim has been to help children reach their fullest potential, providing a learning environment rich in stimulation and opportunity. Elisa then was – and still is – a volunteer for IAHP, an international organization that helps brain injured children. She took what she had learned about how the brain develops and began creating a model for her school.

Because there were no books or teaching materials to suit her innovative methods, she created her own. Pearson published the series for preschoolers in 2014, a total of 12 books. An additional 12, developed for elementary school children, were published in late 2017.  Integrating technology and education, she created a complete Flipped classroom model for social studies for her 7th to 9th graders, which is freely available in YouTube and being used by hundreds of students and their teachers in México.

Today there are 9 schools in 3 countries carrying our Elisa’s full model. An additional 300 + schools in Latin America are teaching children to read using Elisa’s books. She has trained thousands of teachers all over Latin America. She is a Top instructor at Udemy , with over 1K teacher-students from 54 countries.  An accomplished speaker, she has lectured internationally both in English and Spanish.

Elisa has also worked with underprivileged children. She is working on an early education program with Prospera, a government organization seeking to reduce the achievement gap that segregates México’s poorest children. She is also working with a Mennonite organization in the north of México, to help them modernize their schools and teaching methods.  She was invited twice by “Save the Children”, to Bolivia, where she trained more than 1K teachers. She has also trained indigenous teachers from poor states in México.

Elisa's  blog features articles in English and Spanish and has more than 50K followers. She is also a regular contributor for WISE EdReview and for the Top Global Teacher Bloggers, featured in Huffington Post.
Master in Education, ITESM, México, 2007
Preschool Teacher, SEP, México, 2004
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Early reading, reading instruction, global citizenship, technology in the classroom, special needs children.
Personal Interests
Reading, traveling, everything learning!