Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi is an Italian PhD architect, encompassing and tackling the ambiguous complexity and different ambassadorial roles and practices of architec¬ture, both relying on fundamental historical-theoretical references and inspiring the improvement of innovative approaches. He graduated from A.S.P. Alta Scuola Politecnica, Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino. He received his PhD at IUAV and TU Delft Universities, as joint doctorate. He was Post-doctoral Fellow at KTH University in Stockholm. He taught at Politecnico di Milano and at UDEM-Universidad de Monterrey. He is currently Visiting Lecturer-Researcher at TU Delft.
He is author of the book “The Heart of the City. Legacy and Complexity of Modern Design Idea” published by Routledge in 2018 (Foreword by Tom Avermaete, Paola Viganò; Afterword by Vittorio Gregotti).  Finally, he is co-founder of the Collective of Project in Equipoise {Co-P-E} and both his design activity and multidisciplinary theoretical research enabled him to be awarded “Best 40 under 40 European Architects” (Chicago Athenaeum and the European Center) in 2010 and to be Runner-up at Europan 11 and to win Europan 14 in 2017 with {Co-P-E}, with the project “The Productive Heart of Neu Ulm.”
Postdoc_KTH Stockholm_ 2014-2015
PhD, Joint Doctorate TU Delft - IUAV_2013
Diploma Alta Scuola Politecnica- A.S.P_ 2008
Master of Science in Architecture, PoliTO_ 2009
Master of Science in Architecture, PoliMI_ 2008
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, PoliMI_ 2005
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
My previous PhD and postdoc researches concerned a comparative history, which traced the social-spatial role and character of trans-disciplinary encounters and migrations on pivotal Post-war Ideas within and outside of CIAM: the Heart of the City and Habitat.
My target was to illuminate and clarify the transregional, multidisciplinary and cross-cultural transfer of these pivotal Modern ideas, which have influenced and affected both the main theoretical debate and our everyday life in the built environment over the last century.
These hybrid, interdisciplinary Ideas were grounded into an important period of immense contemporary relevance in our Anthropocene age.
Personal Interests
Vis-à-vis the role of the architectural project and Architecture as a producer of knowledge, in my career I tackled different urban issues always considering theory and design as complementary, interconnected elements of Architectural practice.
In parallel with my PhD studies and my academic activities I continued to design projects – published and exhibited in several international exhibitions (such as Storefront Gallery NY, NAI Rotterdam, MAXXI Rome,..)  – with the arduous aim of mirroring and demonstrating the theoretical research I have carried out to date on the urban reality.